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Project's goal and Acknowledgments

Site is designed for anyone interested in the person of Yazep Drazdovich. Galleries are based on key themes in the artist's work (for example, the gallery "Cosmovisions" includes all the works on the space theme - both graphic works and paintings, gallery "Portraits" - painting and wood sculptures). This is done in order to clearly show the various skills of Joseph Drazdovich and his artistic passions. In comments to the pictures excerpts from the book by A.Lis "Eternal Wanderer" are used.

To get acquainted with the works of Yazep Drazdovich presented in chronological order and in accordance with types of fine art you can use the album-book "Yazep Drazdovich" and the electronic resource National Library of Belarus .

Many thanks to Arseny Lis, Margaret Grudinava, Yuliya Bazhok and Maksim Hintau.
English translation by Maksim Hintou