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Yazep Narсyzavіch Drazdovіch

Painter, sculptor, engraver, writer, poet, archaeologist, folklorist, teacher, traveler ... Yazep Drazdovich made a lot during his short life. Painter by profession, he has written scenic pictures of the history of the Principality of Polack, has introduced the national colors in the portraits of Prince Useslau the Sorcerer and Skaryna, wrote a historical novel "Virgin Forest Haradoĺsky", published the first Belorussian book on astronomy “Orbits of Heaven” (1930), dreamed about the publication of the monograph "Theory of movements in the cosmological aspect" (1949)… He threw up Belarusian cities and towers on the Moon, created drawings of "space torpedoes," on which "earthly tourists" have to take a trip to some planets of the solar system. Also he is known for recording folklore, processing popular vocabulary for dictionaries, studying the bed of Nyamiha river in Minsk, conducting the excavations in the towns of Zaslaue and Svir.

In his diary Yazep Drazdovich wrote: "Actually, I'm a fickle person: I'm starting something new every three years. All my life is like that. I was a shepherd for three years in adolescent, I spent three years for art school and overall development, for three years I've been in the army, then for three years I was working for community goods and was writing as a writer. And now it's already third year as I'm an itinerant folk artist ... "